Vendler, you know that even when you knock up a girl,
it takes a while before you see yourself in miniature.

You're like a priest sometimes---
disturbing the condemned on the eve of their execution,
impatient for their souls when they still have need of it.
Do you think that it matters whether I come to your senses
or not before I'm executed?

Does it really matter whether or not I'm even conscious?
They want to extinguish my body
and you want to exhume my mind.
What exactly is the purpose of our sessions?
I'll tell you.
There was a french law that prevented virgins from public execution.
So do you know how this clause was bypassed?
The simplicity of the answer never fails to make me smile.

The hangman deflowered her.

Deep in the common grave, I imagine her womb swelling, splitting open, taking root.
Come Spring, the hangman's sputum pushes itself out of a grave----but look, it takes after its mother: it's all shoulders, no head.
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