The Bestiary

Are we not entirely animal?

"Abelard, have you have never questioned it, delved into the magnificent architecture of the body? How the blood runs like a river through us, the bones hold us like a delicate tree, our senses swaying like leaves in autumn, our hair pushing out long after our death--does this not fascinate you? Does not your mouth, does not your hands fascinate you?"

--Mika's Abelard and Heloise
Heloise, or the Body

Arm Belly Blood Breasts Chest Ear

Eyes Eyelid Finger Foot Hair Hands Head Heart

Hip Intestine Jaws Jugular Leg Liver Lung Mouth Neck Nerves

Nose Penis Pulse Ribs Shoulders Skeleton Soul

Spine Stomach Teeth Tongue

Uterus Uvula Vagina

Wrist Zygote
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