What do the victims of snuff see in their last moments? I do not think it
is the face of Frank or whoever their assailant may be. I imagine that the
victim coagulates, in their last moments, an image of death before them.
What is that image? The shock of my recognition ( the figure walking toward
me ) is the shock of their realization ( the realization that they are going
to be killed.) It is the same dusty image I have before me. It is the face
of the black nun.
She has the sun behind her; this obscures her features. But it is her. The ring gleams on her hand. The necklace gleams at her breast.
Two glaring spots of light on a black habit.
Her hands are long, thin stumps, scraping each other.
This conviction is as strong and intangible as a scream.
Too clear to be a delusion, a coincidence.
I must talk to Marenna about it, if only to dispell it.

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