His description of his job:

"I am kind --- really too good for this and fit for other things. "

"It is too difficult to relate my business. At the end of it, I am drained white from the sweat evaporating in the wind. I am cold and near dead. I stand shirtless, hairless. I could kill rapidly at moments like these. I could gore a person through but, instead, concentrate upon the salt crystallizing my teeth, shrinking the gums, pruning the whorls of my fingertips, the soles of my feet. I am rich.

When a client offends me, I raise my telescope to view him. I make a scissoring motion with my two hands. This means I want him to leave, quickly. All my clients comply. None of them stutter. They understand me now, endure my peculiarities. They know I despise their wants. They cannot despise me because they do not know what I want. Now I am defenseless. People attack me."

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