It appears that at least three things can happen:

First, that
the life and soul are one and that the life/soul extinguishes (merciful
sleep, beautiful sleep, whether it be cold or warm) resulting in an absolute
erasure of consciousness and decay of body.
There is an end to all suffering, an end to all thought. The body is
recycled into other more useful things.

Secondly, the body decays (and this seems
to be the only thing we have indisputable proof of) and the soul or consciousness
goes on, no longer grounded by the body, either to a) merge its substance
with a greater substance, shedding memory and individuality like a drop
of rain into the ocean, or b) retain its individuality avec ou sans memory
and floating about either in a limbo or in the same sphere as the living,
or c) cloister itself into some sort of provisional Elysium/ limbo.

Lastly, of course, there is the insidious possibility that
the lights may be out but someone is still at home,
sealed in, barricaded. It is perhaps this last morbid possibility that makes
me insist that I be incinerated--- either to free or destroy the soul.

Of course, there is the frightful fourth of reincarnation but Nietzche's
little mirror games seem reasonable simply because
1) the next existence may not be cursed with excessive consciousness---
therefore, metaphysical suffering be dumb!

2) excessive consciousness will be blessed with an awareness
that one can end it. Ad infinitum until the soul finally is convinced of
the futility of embarking on yet another trip to Venice.
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