A practical definition of God: someone who does not comprehend or accept his own mortality and is, thus, limitless, boundless.

The Christian god is a very odd persona. Vengeful, nepotistic, petty, furious and-- perhaps what frightens me the most-- random, incalculable. When will he take offense, how do we tread?

What sort of creature devises hell?
A hellish creature, certainly not a noble one. And what is heaven but a conglomeration of individuals bent on eternal life? Immortality on earth is condemned, yet prized in the afterlife. Well, what about those who don't want to live forever?
I don't.
I can't even bear this one. I certainly couldn't stand an eternity with the Christians that I know. They are convinced only of their own futility, their inability to do anything on their own.

If I were to devise a god, he would be cruel and whimsical but, simultaneously, he would not preach any sort of hypocrisy to his creatures. The world would be bright, shallow, occasionally cruel, always lonesome.

Setebos, Blakean perversity, Hessian-Manichean duality---he would have no rule but himself, his whims. And the world would still be like this---full of misery and wonder, sans explanation or apology.

The only absence would be that of guilt. We would not have this necrophilia. Anything sacrificial would be considered ridiculous, obscene. There would be no shame, simply an acknowledgement that something harmful would not be repeated. And what would 'harm' be? Something that had a harmful effect. Therefore evil would be redefined as harmful results, not harmful intention.
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