I want to know something.

Haroun says," What is the point of telling stories that are untrue ?"

That, I suppose, is the despair of the writer. There are many points, I suppose, each of which the author holds dear to him. My question, perhaps is from that of a potential reader: "What would cause you to involve you in something that, from the start, proclaims itself as untrue?"

It seems destructive as attempting to find truth within a den of thieves, involving oneself with a person who repeatedly tells you that they are untrustworthy. Why, indeed, would you veer towards the novel if you were searching for a greater reality? Even in the sheer representation of facts or information, the novel is dwarfed by the manual, the dictionary, the encycolpedia, scientific texts. In the matter of metaphysical truths, philosophy is much more succinct and original. For human behavior, one can resort to the couch or the zoo.