His Version of his birth:

"In 1890, by the Dead Sea, I was buoyed by the salt, wafted in. I lower my head and walk upon the glittering waters. It was July and, according to both my aunts, a dazzling white heat hit the air, ate all the tender garden peas. I was found, sunburnt, abandoned. My sister Miriam handed them a note and ran off with their ladle before they could stop her. Miriam was a thief, a pickpocket her entire life."

Another version:

He was born in Baltimore. His parents were alcoholics and he eventually went to live with his two aunts in Boston. He was filled with a desire to travel all his life and so he became a doctor in preventive medicine and proceeded to give lectures all around the world. He stopped all contact with any of his relatives at the age of twenty.
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