You could say he takes the coins because the gesture reveals his own helplessness, an inability to resist exchange. But if something is beyond our grasp, utterly, then one must sell it: do you understand? Simply to communicate, in an ironic fashion, to the person who desires to buy, how impossible it is.

Just as the Indians sold their land lightly, crying that the air and the land are incapable of being owned: selling to show the futility of the gesture: they were not childish but incredulous, desiring
to share this sense of air, invulnerability. They do not understand that the land is invulnerable but that they themselves are being swapped. They are not airy, resistant to disease or sorrow, beyond the grasp of slavery.

So who is guilty? The air which will not reveal itself? The Christ who refuses to escape?

We are too in love with miracles.

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