a) half-empty

Evil is not a negation of good and, appropriately, the roots are different. Why, then, linguistically, is there no unnegated word for "uselessness"? Complex concepts are hinged and compressed by the dichotomous nature of our language. Style may create thoughts, but can it be that we cannot think our way out of the four walls of language?

b) half-full

A word is a nest that breeds a variety of meanings and yet allows that self same meaning to fly away within the course of a single conversation. The pun is a disgrace because it
crushes the delicate eggshell of the word without adding any insight.


Perhaps the value of a word does not lie in the precision of its meaning but rather the relationship between its various meanings. Each word is a family. Far from being imprecise, words are quite often very precise in delineating the connection between various elements in our society.
However, as is within any family, the family connections will often fail to explain the quirks of the individual.

The meanings within a word will often be at war with one another, one swallowing the other in
time, those less used dying an archaic death.

Looked at carefully, all words reveal within themselves glistening eggs.

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