[as defined by Maria Hertzsprung née Marina Riker.]

"It isn't everyone who's lucky. In fact, it is, by definition, rather uncommon--to be lucky. If too many people started being lucky, well, it wouldn't be luck.
That's what I thought when I met Jonathan. I thought, he's a lucky man, a rarity. One in a million. One on earth. And I've stumbled onto him. I discovered Jonathan. Because, really, he wasn't Jonathan until I made him Jonathan. Before that, he wasn't even called Jonathan. His name was---well, I won't tell you. Well, I will--it was Wystan.

He wasn't even alive. I had to prop him up. I had to give him a mind, a heart, a tie and a needle to sew it on his neck. He was a bit of rag and gasoline when I first thought of him.

He looks real, doesn't he?
Very beautiful to look at, isn't he? He is, even if he isn't your type.
He certainly isn't mine."

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