M i n d

The mind is a charming end to evolution because it is a closed circuit--- we think, therefore we despair. A sidestep is a preoccupation with form--decadence.

Huysman has already made astonishingly clear the limit of decadence. For decadence, is a matter-- a relatively simple matter-- of exhausting the imagination, it is the rearrangement of finite elements.
It is the lateral movement of a jigsaw.

And madness? For me it is when all things become simultaneously clear and meaningless [since meaning lies in distortion of one thing over others]. There is no sense of completion
as there is in decadence. I lie back: everything is coming to the surface.

Each element is revolving at different speeds around the same point. The radius differs but the monotony is unbroken. Also, one can infer-- -and this is the glory of this state--- that despite the infinite and limitless intent of space charted by these ever expanding circles, the circling net remains the same black line that holds a definite thickness and texture but no inherent meaning.
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