My own affair

A summer:

It was exactly noon and yet the air was filled with an economy that reminded
one of early morning. It held itself in store like the cool layer of flesh
that surrounds a peach pit. So she rose, surprised, naked, but without regret.
She pulled on her gown, sat down with her bowl of fruit, ate, and retired
for another hour. This time it was more difficult to sleep so she lay wondering
about the course of the day. She would have to buy a fan. She would have
to buy food. She would see a movie. She liked the animality of her present
existence. For a short while, until she ran out of money, she refused to
be hurried either for a job, a lover, or even a friend. She would not do
it, did not wish to be disturbed or even think of it. The underripe banana
left a thin film of bitterness on her teeth. She closed her eyes and went
to sleep considering this. Perhaps this was the time to wake up and do things.
She thought about this. She hardly looked at the clock anymore. She was
without a task, other than those dictated by her body. Eating, sleeping
and watching movies was all that she did. And today was a particularly pleasant
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