"The wallflowers of the animal kingdom "

Fiddleheads are lesser known than pinheads
or crocodile skinned people
because they are too shy to exhibit themselves.
Fiddleheads are so shy, in fact,
that they have begun to die out of loneliness.
Also, because they never really look both ways,
many get run over.

It would be safe to say that they dislike
cars, surprise, and spotlights.


Fiddleheads are not so rare as to be a delicacy.


In fact, it cannot clearly be ascertained if they are freaks at all.
It is freakish to want one's privacy at the expense of fame? organization....

Amongst themselves, they are extraordinarily convivial,
one is tempted to say, almost clingy.
Social and political hierarchies are built
then disposed of, mostly due
to restlessness.

The Adventure itself.