"Quiet Now"
uttered aloud
leads to a cycle of violence and abuse.

To counteract this growing menace
in our society
the educational elite of Wisconsin
developed Quiet Foxes,
while parallel organizations in Spain and Pasadena
developed Quiet Mice, which, while being more
direct, lacks the overwhelming allure of fascism
and the power
of gesture
that exemplifies Q.F.


When there is classroom disobedience
and civil unrest,
the benefactor will raise up her right hand
in the sacred gesture.

At that moment, a hush
pervades the quarters and the yard apes
raise their little paws in an irresistible

"Quiet Foxes!"
is the imperceptible shiver
that wafts across each tiny lip
and is seared in every beating heart.

Woe betide
the silly child who does not
instantly acknowledge
and transform itself
into a quiet fox.