..........R e d...S u n l i g h t..........


Red Sunlight is a tarot deck that I drew many years ago. It has 80 cards in all.

The two extra are the Prima Causa card and the second Abraxian Devil Card.

I printed it once in an edition of 60 but they lost the plates. Pity that.

Fortunately I have the originals.

Here are some of my favorite cards from the deck.

Their meanings and images are usually a perverse twist

on the Ryder-Waite deck.

Clicking on the cards will take you to the next card.


Small Achievement (Three of Coins)

The Betrayal of Friends(Five of Cups)

The Empress of Fertility (Major Arcana)

The Dusty Knight (Knight of Swords)

The Moon Card (Major Arcana)

Laziness (The Valet of Cups)

The Mind (The King of Swords)

Prostitution of Talent (Seven ofCups)

Boredom after Achievement (Four of Cups)


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