Thieves: I am calling.

You know who I am.

I am lateborn. I am nearsighted. My voice is hoarse.

You must overturn drawers, break open locked cabinets, tear the mattresses.

Be angry, hurried. Empty the house.

Through the window, through the door: I hear you coming, in droves, or is it singly, openly, and unafraid?

One is singing. I like this: singing thieves. It is unexpected.

I would not stop you if I could. I am calling all thieves. I do not discriminate between the fastidious and the vandal.

I am in mourning: only you do I call a friend. Thief: friend.


I can think of nothing I would steal from myself. I lack imagination. Things look worthless to me. Nothing shines.

Only you think I have something worth taking. You imagine things that are not there. Every house glistens.

Even when there is nothing, you continue to hope.